Clutter of Telecom advertising on IPL

So I can call up Mumbai Indian cricketers of Idea by using the special plan from Airtel (oops… need to take a prepaid connection first) and a host of exciting services from Vodaphone and fabulous GPRS connectivity of Aircel… well GPRS of Aircel and connectivity for everything of Tata Indicom and have a great time!

A bunch of clutter breaking ideas – cricketers on a cricketing event.. surely very eye catching! and of course Madhavan and Balan… not to forget the funny creatures from outer space in Vodaphone. Tata Indicom is different.. you see they are very relevant to real life situations…

Completely self indulgent advertising… Who is the target audience? First Timers? Churn consumers? or maybe increased usage by the existing consumers? or all of the above?

And the duration of the commercials. Sure each commercial looks too long because I am waiting for the next over to start but all these commercials have the potential to be half their existing length and they would be more fun. Bet the media planners and creative agencies had a scarp on this!

Somewhere I guess all brands need to figure what do they want from the market?

I have an Idea connection and I am very happy with it. I have a reliance connection and am very happy with that too… So obviously am not the target audience. And I do believe that the ultimate creative product has a consumer insight (or foresight)… and has a task. (an aside… Reliance is absent from all of this clutter!)

I believe that being top of mind is not required any more in this category nor is awareness an issue. Surely not in top 23 or 40 cities. New entrants to the category and the increasing penetration are being well handled by low value recharges I would imagine.

Who really is the consumer? Is there a consumer profiling for each of the brands? I am sure there is. And if there is… then what would make a Vodaphone consumer switch to Airtel? If there is a defined consumer need… why would a consumer choose an Airtel or Vodaphone or Tata Indicom or…

Youth is the market of today and there are some really exciting numbers available. The question is how do we translate these numbers into profit numbers. Talking to them is one way of going about it. But I dont think thats the way to go

But how about being part of their world. Co-creation is the buzzword for a brand to be very relevant in this consumer segment and being part of their environment.

Work with them, be part of their network, give them what they want and not what you think they want and watch them become loyal to your brand.

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