The shock from Havell’s

Love the hair raising situations and humor always makes for interesting advertising (everyone thinks so) and have quite enjoyed some of the Havell’s advertising. Though if I am going to buy Havell’s MCB… I dont know. A month back I got the MCB changed for my house. Gave the money to the electrician, he went and bought it and fixed it… period!

But the latest ad for Havell’s MCB… dunno about others people, but I believe its in bad taste. Would love to give a notice to the creative people who thought of the concept about they losing their job soon (usually lay off follows no increment and all) and then will wait to see if they find humor in it.

People are losing jobs every day… a whole lot of others are on tenterhooks about the future and sure everyone would want to see the lighter side of life but this…

And like my yesterday’s post… the question is.. who is the consumer? Large cities, people are buying apartments (or not buying anymore if the second part of the ad is true)… apartments that come with everything installed. Smaller towns where there is still house building activity going on (is it really?)… wonder how many insist on a branded MCB. I bet there must be a research somewhere discussing the high involvement of consumer in the decisions to install electrical products.

Can we have some strong consumer thinking reflect in advertising? or is advertising just a TOM and awareness game?

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