When advertising and branding goes horribly wrong

Wonder how it must be making people cringe… people who created the Sprite SRK commercial or even the Nokia SRK one. Usually that is what happens when advertising attempts to make tall claims and creates a euphoria around the brand. Did KKR brand had all the right ingredients to be successful? They thought they did and last year’s performance was not taken as an indicator.

For a brand to be successful, it needs to live up to everything that is said in the communication. And I will say it yet again… advertising is not about smart creative work which amuses people (in this case people are probably more amused when KKR loses and loses and loses… and fakeiplplayer goes to town with it)

All the brands which hitched themselves on to KKR bandwagon because of SRK must be wondering if they were hasty.

The four brands which are doing rather well in IPL are the ones who are letting their cricket talk… really the seedhi baat and no bakwas and they are the top four

Bangalore Royal Challengers learnt their lessons from last year and while there has been no advertising, they fell prey to the classical marketing mistake. KP was their “New Improved” Royal Challengers and its not worked. Same old story with a new cover. I guess that sponsor group would always remain the backmarkers… be it F1 or cricket.

IPL at the end of the day is cricket and thinking needs to be cricket. Sure get some new ideas in… but let them revolve around cricket. Rajasthan Royals did that last year… quiet, understated and focused. But bring in the SS factor and they are in media and they are not exactly doing well.

Hats off though to Deccan Chargers (and I really hope I am not speaking too soon). They learnt their lessons well last year and the team which was supposed to be hot last year and froze in every encounter is smokin! this year

Anyways the point is the relevance. Just because bollywood has bought big stakes into IPL does not mean that IPL turns into bollywood film script.

Brand connects are important and more importantly the message… the right message

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