Celebrities endorse! and how!!!


Most Respected Family of Bollywood!
Most Respected Family of Bollywood!

I had told myself that I will restrict myself to writing about advertising and marketing and such other mundane stuff but this picture in today’s paper… it sure woke me up lot better than my strong morning coffee!

Supposedly the most respected and loved and talked about family in Bollywood…

This is what they think about election and voting. THEIR WAY OF ENDORSING THE WHOLE PROCESS!

And lets not fool ourselves that this was not done on purpose. Even Ms Jaya Bachchan is trying hard to disassociate herself!

Actually I am quite aghast! I am not a prude nor do I belong to any culture or moral police… but is there a point these Bachchans are trying to make by ‘flipping the bird’??

Or maybe that its been a while that they have not been written about in the newspapers… so this is a good time as any to be talked about.

And whether they agree or not but Brand Bachchan is on the downward slope of the curve.

Celebrities are like supernova… one big burst before they fade away and the big burst has come and gone.

And showing the middle finger to the world is just their way of trying to stay in spotlight

I really hope that some action is taken against them. Its not so much the action thats repulsive but in the context of the election what that finger and the mark signify.

They are celebrities… And Mr Amitabh Bachchan is respected by almost every one and there are people who worship him and follow every thing that he does and for him to show the middle finger.. just not on!

I hope a genuine apology is issued (and of course it will come.. all part of the PR exercise)

Had thought about putting this blog under movies.. then figured it can still be under the heading of advertising and marketing

A failing brand trying very hard to make the most before people just forget about it and brands that are hitched to this brand wagon… wonder when they would realise that its over

2 thoughts on “Celebrities endorse! and how!!!

  1. I completely agree… there is nothing funny about the picture. and surprisingly most of the newspapers have taken it in jest.

    1. Sorry but you are looking at this picture in a very wrong perspective!quite cynical i wud say!They are undoubtedly the best family in bollywood .
      According to me they don’t need to prove anything to the world!

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