How to create a buzz? Lessons from fakeiplplayer

Hats off to fakeiplplayer!! He sure has got the buzz worked out… Brands can learn a few tricks from him.

Controversial… loved… hated and sure raising a whole lot of interest. The best form of marketing!

People look forward to his blog. Every post gets hundreds of comments. 4978 followers!

How many brands can claim to have used online in the manner he has or offline for that matter. There are other blogs too about IPL but how many can claim to be as successful as him?

What he has done is to be controversial… people love gossip… people love the inside stories… people love spice… And he has got it all…

And he is going to reveal himself in the last match of his team… Imagine… the wires will be jammed and people will be discussing endlessly about the identity.

And best of all… he has ensured a life after IPL for himself. Already in some of the comments I have read that he is getting offers to write!

How many brands can claim to have created this kind of hysteria? How many can claim to have understood the sub conscious of the consumer?

Its not about the AXE effect or getting the girls to fight for that one pillion seat… nor is it about hair color, skin tone, retirement solutions or whatever weasels that advertising agencies can think of as a tag line.

The original Onida devil did that so well… picked on envy (and everyone has envy… though most would deny it)

Now all brands can think of is humor  (courtesy a fews P’s in indian advertising industry)

This guy has humor and he has the finger on the pulse of the population. And while at the end of the day it might turn out to be a damp squib… he sure has created lot more interest in IPL than some of the matches…

Hats off to fakeiplplayer!

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