What is a response? or what is a stimulus?

Back when I was in HTA (JWT)   we had an account planner –  Sundar.  He used to give a lot of examples to illustrate the point that all advertising is a stimulus where we expect the consumer to respond in a certain manner. Let me rephrase… in a specific manner. What it essentially meant was the pressure is completely on the strategy people to have the right insight (or foresight) so that when the communication is ready… its very focused… and is the right stimulus and would necessarily get the correct response.

Unfortunately what we see around us… wonder what response the advertising is seeking and from whom (or is it who)…

Anyways I was just thinking the other day…. I could put the Set Wet or Godrej hair styling gel (psssstt.. figuratively only.. am a baldy)… put any of those Axe deo’s in my arm pits and over my gym toned body (courtesy World Gym in Pune)… hmm and a provogue shirt probably and one of the cool Levi’s Jeans (nah cant get myself to wear those hanging ones and show of my great pair of jockeys)… and get on a motorbike (any one of the Bajaj or Glamour from Hero Honda)…. 

And you are wondering what happens after all this? Well If all advertising were to be believed, I wont even be able to take the motorbike out of my complex!….. Will be swamped my women!! Women would be fighting each other… jumping over each other.. arguing with each…denouncing their boy friends or even kids (some kinky thought that)  to get a piece of me!!

And I really cant go wrong.. right?  Have used every single product that would supposedly attract women by the dozen!!! 

The agencies have told the client that they have created a perfect stimulus to get the right response from the world of morons outside the corporate office… who are just waiting to buy these products… because in a gender biased world… there are more men and less women… and men are looking for ways to attract women because brains and smartness dont matter…. wrap yourself in these products and brands.. and dude you have made it!

Think people! consumer is not a gullible fool! not any more.. if you as a brand want a meaningful and long lasting relationship with the consumer… then create the stimulus which will do that… and stimulus is not your next campaign or the big idea.. THINK

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