What Me worry?

 picture courtesy - http://www.leconcombre.com/concpost/us/postcard4/alfred_e_neuman.html
picture courtesy - http://www.leconcombre.com/concpost/us/postcard4/alfred_e_neuman.html

I don’t have to worry about the future.

It is in the safe hands of the great corporate leaders.

Leaders who pretty much have no clue about which way the economy is going to swing a year from now. If they dont have a clue, then how can anyone expect me to have a clue about where I will be a year, three years or five years from now! And all HR people in the organizations… please remove this question as a ‘must ask’ question from the list of questions for potential candidates.

Read the statement from Mr Tata in this morning’s newspaper and I am left with a boggled mind! If only they had known about the possible economic melt down!

While I have great respect for Mr Tata, his statement pretty much symbolizes the business thinking of corporate India. Or for that matter Global Corporates too.

Back in college we used to have case studies on how to evaluate complete environment for business decisions. Current environmental conditions as well as possible future trends… It used to get drilled into us. But I guess… like all things theoretical, even this goes out the window in real life…

When JLR was bought, the signs were there. Global automobile industry was not exactly in the pink of health… Probably¬† Mr Tata’s think tank was oblivious to that or blind perhaps (takeovers I guess give a great adrenalin rush). And I am absolutely sure that there would have been few voices which would have been against the deal (and they are probably having a laugh somewhere in corporate gulag)

But the point here is that if a corporate like Tata’s can make a mistake (and owning up does not make a difference) then why blame other corporates for any kind of myopic view.

And ending this post on a funny note… this morning’s newspaper also ran a story on the respect that Indian corporates elicit in the world. Tata’s are number 11!

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