Want to max on life

Wonder how many have noticed a perceptible shift in Max New York Life communication.

There is a subtle shift from being retirement solution and saving for a rainy day (usual insurance and investment communication cliche’s) to more positivity and fulfilling expectations.

Of course the latest commercial on TV is a riot… The impish old man who goes for a drive from Lucknow to Kanpur symbolises a carefree spirit which every guy over 40 would aspire for.. once done with his working life. Its fun and its not putting pressure on the person to save, save, save… 

Last year they did “karo jyada ka irada”. A universal insight about people wanting more… wanting something they dont have (and they do have something to begin with but that hankering for what others have)… The message going out… you can get more from your investments.

And the commercial about the couple getting the kids to say different words… Its fun and its subtle about taking care of kids and their education and everything else..

The communication  no more telling you why you need life insurance and investment… Its telling you that life is about fun and you deserve it and you can get what you want.

Why should life be turned into a burden as most insurance  advertising does!

If I was not saddled with so many policies and investments already, would have jumped at Max. But what I am jumping at is the fact that life is fun and enjoy.

Communication is different and I hope its working for the brand. And I do believe that a lot of  the shift in communication is coming after the NCAER study which was done about “How India earns, spends and saves” . The investment by Max in the study must be paying off.

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