Will NDA form government at the center?

My gut feel says yes.

UPA or for that matter Congress not getting a clear lead is an indication that all the talk about all the things they have done in last 5 years is utter rubbish! A seriously hung parliament is an indication of this.

If nothing else, the President should invite BJP to form the government. But President obviously wont.. given the strong Congress ties.

But I have a strong feeling (and I really hope I am proved right for once!) that BJP just might surprise all the exit polls in a positive way. 

The economy needs a big time boost and if the stock market behaviour yesterday is any indication, even the corporate India wants NDA in power. And Manmohan Singh right now.. the only boost he can offer is to himself (of the kind which is the secret of their energy for the some cricketers!)

4 thoughts on “Will NDA form government at the center?

    1. Ok so NDA did not happen… but Left is marginalised and so is the regional politics of UP in the form of BSP and SP… Hopefully the new govt would be lot more stable and able to take decisions on its own… without the pressures from petty regional parties

  1. Well its not NDA.. but atleast its going to be a stable government… Without blood sucking allies.. So lets see whats the new excuse for ‘recession’ .

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