I am fresh out of ideas

Lack of ideas leads to Zoozoos… Lack of ideas leads to celebrity endorsements… Lack of ideas leads to high decibel and completely useless advertising. All of this works though! Research would show very high recall – TOM, unaided awareness, aided awareness. Brand tracks would show respondents recalling elements of advertising. So from that aspect, I really have to be a moron to say ‘useless advertising’

Tagged commercials of zoozoos on facebook… making of zoozoos… articles in newspapers. I bet Vodaphone is delighted… and so is the agency and hey I am happy too… pug was getting kind of boring. 

But then, honestly… how many can remember what the commercials were communicating? Or how many have made a beeline to the nearest Vodaphone outlet… or called the customer service number to activate at least one of the services mentioned in the commercial? There has been lot of buzz around Zoozoos but Vodaphone has strangely been silent about adding new subscribers or jump in number of people subscribing to all the value adds. At least I have not read newsreports. I wonder if telecom advertising has also become like FMCG or soft drink advertising – TOM driven.

Then there is celebrity endorsements – And in the past I have also been guilty of this… but what are the celebrities adding to the brand… other than awareness? I wonder how many women buy L’oreal because it is endorsed by Eva whatever and Ash. Will Deepika Padukone make BSNL’s numbers go through the roof? The advertising is not even credible.

Or lets take the case of some of the Bajaj Auto commercials. There was this one about two women fighting for that one pillion seat or the one where motorbikes turn into robots! or the one a while back where these bikes are taken through a cliched stunts routine. What have they all done for the brand?? I been tracking and since November Bajaj Auto has been showing a dip in numbers every month. Wonder if they have put the account up for review. Compare this with the latest from Bajaj Auto. Pure joy of watching a guy enamored by his bike!(true consumer insight) and visual treat which is complemented by the track . The girl in the ad is by the way incidental.

Bereft of a big idea, we are just creating a communication clutter where the message is lost (if there is a message at all) and by the way Vodafone is creating a clutter all by itself ( so many creative units!!)

The only insightful advertising I have seen in last couple of months is the Airtel Broadband –  “Impatience is the new life”. If anyone is following youth trends and insights, the communication was bang on! It almost seemed that creative actually followed the brief from the strategy planner right down to the last word. Sadly though Airtel is still continuing with rather sad communication featuring Madhvan and Vidya Balan.

This post is not to trash everything but to help the brands and the agencies revisit what they are doing and what really is objective for communication. If the product or service is really good and if you have identified a need gap, simple communication would do the trick.

2 thoughts on “I am fresh out of ideas

  1. Yet another confused marketing communication person, who is yet to decide what is/are/can be the objective of advertising??

    Cheers keep learning.
    Good for you.

    1. @balyan. Would you please care to elaborate? The post was not about my confused state of mind but about the confused state of communication as I see it. Would be interesting to hear your take. And as far as learning goes, its a continuous process and I have not attained Nirvana yet.

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