Exploiting weakness

As usual cricket provides some more learning for corporates and brands.

Placid pitches at home and IPL which was more hooplah than actual cricket made everyone think that India’s batting is going to murder every bowling attack in the World Cup. What got buried under the hype was the fact that the biggest weakness that Indians have… short pitch delivery is going to be exploited for sure… All the premier Indian batsmen were on display during IPL and enough footage available for the competing teams to go through and work upon… Bangladesh never had the fire power… nor did Ireland but West Indies had and how well they used it! Showed the way to English bowlers too… And it is kind of good that they lost to E ngland else the media hype would have made them world champions straightaway and then South Africa with Steyn and Parnell would have burst the bubble..

While MSD might have been saying in interview after interview that they can’t get over confident or complacent… its a feeling that you just can’t talk away.. Egos do get bloated when everyone says good things about you… Very hard to listen to that little voice in your head which is warning you.

The world catches up with you lot faster than you think.

Same goes for corporates and brands… GM refused to acknowledge that the world is changing around them… Looked down upon the Japanese and Korean cars… thought they knew what the consumer wanted… accumulating debt was probably considered as a passing phenomenon…

In fact if one were to look closely at all the American Brands and Corporates (including all the Wall Street Bulls), you would realize that they are not doing all that well… are they? The ones who are doing well are the ones who dont play the same game… Apple for instance.. And a rider here… when I say American brands not doing well… I mean all the brands which are part of the global market…

In the modern world, where information is very easy and knowledge is at finger tips, getting blind sided is the easiest thing to happen… Staying ahead of the curve is paramount… The concept of being in Beta mode 24X7 should be the philosophy for every business.

You can’t be where the consumer and other brands are… you need to be ahead… way ahead.. charting course for the consumer and not being led by them… leading them towards new ideas.. new usages… new ways of living.

And more importantly not being happy with the here and now and not leaving yourself open to getting bounced out by competition…

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