Brand Building is so easy!

Dunno what the fuss is all about. Building brands is so easy.

Everybody in the organization is an expert when it comes to brand, marketing and communication. Anyone can  do it even Geoffrey Boycott’s grandmother (as he so often mentions during live commentary)!

All who are in advertising would have gone through the scenarios mentioned below… felt the frustration and the worthlessness…

Pick a brand name… anything would do.. and if you don’t want to spend too much time.. shorten the owner’s name. Get his sign off on the font to use (never say typeface). Brand colors are of course to be finalised by his daughter… or the son… Of course some strange brands names or names that don’t really mean anything work too.. and there would be enough examples you can think of…

Having done that, either get a large agency (depending on how much it adds to the decision maker’s social currency) or get a small one who is ready to bend over backwards for any business. (this day and age, even big agencies are ready to bend over)

Spend a week on figuring out how the visiting card should look. Actually visiting card is a good starting point to discuss the larger business strategy – putting the names of the business verticals alongwith the corporate idenitity on the card would sharpen the business strategy.

That done, tell MarCom to spend a few thousand rupees to make the website (hell.. how much can it cost to make a website!)

Then comes communication.. If you are a B2B brand… get some brochures made… couple of canned presentations and you are ready to go around telling anyone who is interested, on how your brand is going to be as big as IBM or Google or whichever brand is being mentioned in the media currently.

In case of consumer brand, its even simpler.. All you need is  humor, no matter how nonsensical it is (it helps break the clutter and people like watching funny ads) and there are quite a few around who can pass off PJ’s as great humor that would make the brand big. And if you don’t believe me, you have not been watching enough of commercial breaks.

If not humor, then the age old crutch of communication… sex sells and nowadays it is getting better… baring a guy in a commercial works too and also would keep the ad under the radar of moral police who dont bother about naked guys.. but sure as hell come out in force if it is a woman…

And all of this can happen real cheap, if somebody in the organization claims to be good at writing scripts (and anyone can write an ad!… all those hours spent in front of TV)

All this done, the brand is up and running and some crafty work (patli gali) would ensure it gets award too… and trust me… even advertising effectiveness award is easy to get (numbers can be interpreted any which way you can)

Of course if there is someone with some knowledge about social media in the organization, then you will be getting someone to develop SEOs and tags and groups and communities on social media and go tweet tweet or is it twit twit?

Wonder why the hooplah about brand experts or strategy guys… We would soon be going out of fashion!

And by the way… all of the above holds true even for the so called professional MNC brands… its just that in their case everything is backed by hours and hours of consumer reasearch.

But at the end of it all… if only it were so easy…and the way the environment is changing, this whole mindset is going to change too because surviving in a market where consumer is more aware than ever before and seeks significant value delivery from every purchase… just brand stories will not be enough. Enough susbtantiation would need to back every story else the consumer will be telling the brands – “doobara mat puchhana”..(Don’t ask me again)

DISCLAIMER – The author of this post does not subscribe to the generally held belief that anything related to brand starts and ends with advertising

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