S&M – not what you think!

Ok so all those who will read this blog think it is Sadomasochism but nope this post is not what Wiki describes it as (for derinition please refer to Wiki… I can’t put it here) but it is about something that comes close to that definition – to mention partly, about inflicting pain and enjoying pain – it is about Sales & Marketing!

Think about it… we get into the profession knowing fully well the kind of pain we are going to inflict upon ourselves in terms of targets, deadlines (ever wondered why it is called “deadline”?), data, reports, numbers…and intense pressure… and yet we chose the profession! So it makes us eh…. Masochist and the sadist being the organization of course.. represented by our boss… Wonder if you have ever noticed that wicked gleam in his/her eyes when they are having a daily or weekly or monthly or quarterly or annual review of sales figures (the periodicity of the review is the function of the desire for the “fix” before withdrawal symptoms happen)

A masochist is usually the lowest rung in the hierarchy of S&M….. and eventually graudates to being a Sadist… learns the tricks of the trade… all the pain points.

And of course the rise in the organization is directly in proportion to inflicting the pain on the  reaching out to the max. number of closet S&Ms – the consumer.

And  fair amount of seduction is involved in getting the consumers.. enticing them with communication created by the advertising fraternity (the eternal masochists… never to become sadist because they are submissive and agree to every demand of the client… well almost)

And inflicting pain it is… all the commercial breaks between intensely painful programs (this actually proves that the consumers are truly masochists too) which exhort the consumer to buy, buy and buy… and if the commercials don’t get you… the sales calls surely would… in spite of the farce called DND – it actually stands for Do Not Delete. If it was really ‘do not disturb’ and sales people believed it… then how will we get pain? pain that they can talk about in their social circle… online and offline… secretly we all wish that the calls don’t stop else we will all think that the there is a network problem!

It is a complete cycle where everyone is either an S or an M… depending on where one is… When one is filthy rich as a consumer… he or she are the one who are inflicting pain on the service organization… not so rich are of course masochist… But ultimately it is all about S&M – Sales & Marketing who are the true practioners…

And if you are still reading this post… I don’t have to tell you which category you belong to…

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