Now I know why I am dumb!

All my life… right from the time I was an infant, we lived in houses which either had distemper or some regular paint. I should probably sue my parents for not using lead free paint. Better still, I will sue Nerolac. For all these years they sold paint which had lead content (or maybe they didnt have the lead content) and it impacted memory and brain of little ones. Suddenly they have realized the impact of lead on memory and are asking us to use lead free paints! Wonder what took them so long to figure this one out… More importantly can they be sued for damages by the consumers who were using regular Nerolac paint for last couple of decades.

I wonder if there is a case for a research among the Nerolac users to find out how incompetent their kids turned out because their was lead in the paint. And will Nerolac pay for the damages?

Get real guys – the marketing team at Nerolac and the agency which did the campaign! Who are you trying to fool?? Surely not the consumer. You are only fooling yourself if you seriously believe in the so called “breakthrough benefit”! Because if you do… then come out in public and make a statement that you have made a big mistake all these years by providing paint with lead and tender apology to the public. The communication that I have seen on TV clearly pretends that Nerolac has never made lead leaden paint. I don’t think it is true. Nor does it claim that all paints from Nerolac are lead free.

Where is the advertising watch dog? why is the communication still not off air? Where are the health experts who can prove or disprove the claims? And no we dont want medical associations who for a fee can endorse any claim by a brand.

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