we love papparazzi

Read this little snippet this morning and I just had to write about it!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher twittered each other while they were in the same house but in different rooms! Laughed my guts out!

An actress well past her prime and an actor whose best days were in the 70’s (the 70’s show i.e.) are desperate for publicity. Obviously they are now not being chased enough by the papparazzi and feeling left out. So they not only twitter but also upload pictures! Amazing! Its like put your hand in an aquarium full or piranhas and then complain that your hand disappeared.

Which brings me to another point that I had been meaning to write about. The page 3 crowd.

I moved back to Delhi after 3 years… Gurgaon actually. Usually I read only the cartoon strips in Delhi Times but happened to glance on a few days at the famous or notorious (depending on whether you feature on it or not) page 3.

Nothing has changed. Same people on the these pages. Looking older (and no all the surgery and cosmetics are not helping) and pretending to have a good time. Of course in some cases there are new people who are added but nothing has changed.

Who are these people? What do they really do? Where do they get so much time from? And money of course. Wonder if it would be a good idea for our finance minister to check these pages and ask the authorities to raid the people appearing on these pages and leave us poor souls in peace.

Also saw pictures of the opulent LAP lounge. And also read about what goes on there all night. Boggled my mind. Cant remember the last time I partied till dawn.

So in a nutshell, life has moved on for me, for better or for worse (worse actually)  but there is this set of people who have made the time stop still for them… Lucky them.

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