So we really are like this only!

The picture truly is a statement of the fusion that is now firmly entrenched in India. Kothambari (probably should be spelt kothimbir) Vadi for the ignorant and unawareness, is something that is made out of coriander and is very unqiue to Maharashtra (more so the heartland of Maharashtra)… tastes kinda good and its a perfect maharashtrian snack.

But here it is in an all new avatar! With a suffix of Calzone. Now I was not brave enough to actually try it but  the fact it is part of the Cafe Coffee day menu means there are definitely people who consume it.

And people there sure would be. Having been a regular at Cafe Coffee Days and Baristas and Costas, I have seen the profiles changing. From being considered elitist and unnecessary (why would you want to have such expensive coffee when you can have it at home??), drinking coffee and spending time at coffee places has become very popular. And no it is not just the young college going crowd that is seen but next time when you are at one of the places… take a look around and you will notice guys and women sitting with their lap tops open and working…

There is a huge opportunity for the brands to connect with this audience but sadly what one notices is very average and run of the mill promotions. When one talks of brand engagement, it needs to look beyond just its own sphere of influence and integrate with the brand image of a Barista or a Cafe Coffee Day. People who frequent these places go there for the particular brand experience and other brands need to reward them for being there… be part of the experience rather than trying very hard to forcefit.

Think about it… person who is having Kothambari Vadi Calzone… why is she there… what is the experience she is seeking and what can enhance her experience even more.

The person sitting with the lap top and working… why has he decided to be at the coffee place… what is he seeking… why sitting over there is better than sitting in office or at home?

When you start evaluating these behavioural trends,  you will realise that as a brand there is a huge opportunity to interact at a more personal level with the people and leverage the positive predisposition… but till then keep nodding your head and saying so Rama Bijapurkar has already mentioned that we are like this only… But honestly… how many brands have really taken advantage. None… and I should know because like I said, I have been a regular at all these places…

One thought on “So we really are like this only!

  1. Hey Samir
    Its great to read ur blog,after a long time ! I love the concept of ‘Kothimbiri Vadi’ ,but this could have so happened in Pune! Lol.
    On a more serious note..ppl like me just need to go out for coffee..doesnt matter whether its a costa , or a barista or a coffee day. A greater concern is which one is less crowded. These chains are no more a novelty and have kinda become a daily affair stuff. Maybe thats why brands have not taken advantage of carving a niche for themselves. Its like when u go out to buy groceries from ur local store,how much do u think of ‘which store to buy it from’.
    Anyway thats my line of thought.
    Hope that you write more regularly ,and enlighten us about the BRAND WORLD !

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