The “Twit” Generation

Read in the paper today about PC (Priyanka Chopra) being back in Mumbai. And how she kept her fans(?) informed about Pondicherry and how her bags were packed and how she was happy to be back in Mumbai. And the point of all this is??

Another one – RGV (Ram Gopal Verma) complimenting KJo (Karan Johar) about the title of his to be released movie and KJo responding to the compliment.

And then about  how the film stars complimented Saina Nehwal through Twitter.

Not to mention AB (Amitabh Bachchan) persuading AK (Aamir Khan) to be part of the Twit Frat. And Delhi Times (or was it HT) actually doing an article to figure out what the handle should be for Aamir. Talk about paucity of news!

I must confess that I had also tried being part of the twit frat (now I can’t even remember my handle or the password) but always at a loss as to what should I type in those 140 characters. Gave up. Was actually shocked that I was stuck for words…

It is, I am sure old news but the “twit” generation is not about age… AB is there and my daughter’s friend (all of 10 also knows about twitter). It is about how you can manipulate letters and compress your thoughts (so those thoughts or actions or whatever are not too profound or interesting to begin with)  to fit the specified number of characters. Not to forget the fact that there  should be enough that you want to share with the whole world (besides the point that the world itself wants to share and doesn’t have time for your sharing). If two people are talking at the same time… then who does the listening?

I guess one could go on and on about how people want to put everything on display or to show how they are part of the ‘with it” 140 character crowd. But seriously why? What satisfaction one gets by mutilating the language?

And more importantly if one is constantly updating the status on facebook and actually syncing it to twitter, then what really is the point of it all? When the lines dividing the mediums get blurred, one needs to question the need or necessity for one or the other. I am all for media melding (or mashing.. whatever is the term currently being used for medium integration) but help me with the context and relevance.

As I have said in the past, if used well enough, these can be tools for making a significant difference to the media environment… but can we have substance please… instead of  ‘twit’terizing (read trivializing) everything?

I am not a dinosaur as a friend of mine keeps telling me nor am I averse to the changing communication environment but I do believe that if anything kills language and expression… not worth it. (I am probably part of the rare group who actively use the T9 function of the handsets for text messaging).

One thought on “The “Twit” Generation

  1. Good Blog… Every time i went on facebook (deleted my id eventually) or read about twitter ( I am proud to declare that i am probably the only living breathing two legged educated freak that hasn’t even visited that site yet) , it reminds me of this book i read BLIND FAITH” by Ben Elton. Strongly recommended if you ever want to get rid of the sick perversion called social networking.

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