Brands presence in Social Media – Getting ridiculous now

Ok so maybe I am over reacting but saw an ad in the newspaper today which has led to this post. There is a strong regional tea brand in Gujrat and also in Mumbai called Wagh Bakhri. Supposedly has a strong following in Gujarati community. Had Contract as its advertising agency and now its Triton. They have just launched in Delhi and hence the ad.

Nothing wrong with the ad. I mean who am I to comment about the launch or the ad. It good to have pan India aspirations. But there was this line in 10 points at the bottom of the ad which said the brand is on Facebook too!! What gives???

I seriously wonder how many on facebook are going to link to the Brand’s page? Obviously there would be a diktat within the organization that everyone who has a facebook account should link up. So would be the case with the agency too. But who else?? And whats the point of being on facebook? Is it because it is the ‘in’ thing to do? Is there a study of their core consumer that suggested that they would like to be fan of their brand on facebook? Or was it just the 360 degree surround that Triton suggested as part of the laundry list to give the impression to the client that he is going to get a bigger bang for the buck or the so called ‘value ad’. Probably must have been the big idea at the pitch.

As a brand looking to make an impact in an unknown territory, I am hoping the emphasis has been on store presence and promotion to induce trials rather than expecting advertising to do the task. Famous in Mumbai and Gujarat are no credentials for a brand to be successful in a market where tea brands like Twinnings take up a whole lot of store space and so do other brands too.

I am absolutely sure that no one in Delhi knows of this brand. I wouldn’t have known too if I had not been a frequent visitor to Mumbai and also travelled in locals and seen the outdoor for the brand.

Communication thinking seriously needs an overhaul. Or let me rephrase… we need to stop being conventional in our communication approach and no.. being on facebook is not unconventional..

There was nothing in the ad that suggested that the communication was addressed at a certain group of consumers. Nothing in fact that would make a person think of trying the brand. Wonder what was the strategy behind the communication.

People would wonder why am I getting so involved with this brand. Actually I am not. I am just wondering where is the communication thinking heading.

In a cluttered environment – whether it is media or the store shelf – to make oneself heard and then actually be bought is getting increasingly tough, should we not.. as experts be putting in lot more thinking to ensure that it works? Why can’t we stand up for our profession and make a strong statement as to what will really work and what will not. Or are we too busy chasing the dwindling advertising revenue and agreeing to everything the client says?

One thought on “Brands presence in Social Media – Getting ridiculous now

  1. Facebook is as much about the show off and the “in” factor as its about trying to connect with the long lost friends or make new ones. I would love to see how many of them would endorse something called “wagh bakri”. Its almost like having a girlfriend name jasuben joshi or being married to a guy called jignes patel

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