No Advertising Bashing

A few days back, one of my friends said that my posts on advertising and marketing usually end up being bashing and kind of mocking. Went to the extent of saying I am getting menopausal! (eh??) So I had decided that I will refrain from commenting on advertising and for past so many days I have avoided… even though the itch was there.

But for past couple of days have seen a continuation of a great campaign going down the chute and of course few other commercials too and figured what the hell… one more post wont hurt.

The campaign under discussion is the new Tata Safari campaign about price. 2005 was the year when the first campaign for Tata Safari was aired – Reclaim your Life. Absolutely awesome and oh so insightful! I actually did one of the things that the campaign exhorted us to do in order to reclaim our lives… No… DID NOT BUY THE SAFFARI! (cant imagine myself driving a truck) but one of the situations from the commercial.

So in the new campaign.. a bunch of guys doing various adventurous guy things – scuba diving, sky diving and then one guy asking the other guy if he is serious about the new pricing of Tata Safari and its followed by the tag line – Reclaim  your Life. Seriously.. what gives? If the guys are already doing all that is depicted in the commercials.. they have already reclaimed their life.. isn’t it? and the whole communication so trivializes such a powerful claim. For 5 years I have been so keen on a Safari just because of the campaign but sanity has prevailed and have not bought one. Great campaign does not make great product. Couple of years back I think, Safari has done another price campaign and it was true to the brand promise… but this campaign sucks big time. Wonder if words like ‘refresh the thought’, ‘surprise’ and ‘edgy’ were part of the creative brief. Alongwith the subtle hint that one wants to go for some crazy shoot.

The other commerical I want to talk about is the Chloromint one.. featuring Salman Khan. Now I might be called a person with no sense of humor but seriously for me.. the commercial sucks big time! I for one, am never gonna have a soft serve in a cone ever again! or even ice cream for that matter… I am all for irreverence but this is carrying it way too far… hum choloromint kyon khate hain should turn into hum choloromint kyon nahin khate hain!

Thats it… I had to write this piece and vent out my feelings. Would stay away from commenting on advertising for a while… There are many more that I can talk about but I have also been told that my posts are too long so keeping the word count under 500 this time 😛

One thought on “No Advertising Bashing

  1. lol… sam. dont know who was the friend.. but technically… u can only go through Andropause . i haven seen the new safari ad… so wont comment the old one rocked. but i agree abt the salman khan one. grossest and the stupidest ad as far as i can remember. nothing hasnt even come close. i really really wonder what was the brief on that one,

    i was never a fan of chlormint.. but i havent eaten any icecream after that either

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