Money is Everything

Ramalinga Raju is the founder and former Chair...
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So Ramalinga Raju is out on bail. I don’t think it would surprise anyone. What would though surprise everyone is that it took him a year and half to come out. And read in the paper that the so-called jail he was in, he was far more comfortable than I am in my rented apartment! The doctors at the hospital where he was being treated, were not letting him go back to the jail saying he requires constant monitoring and they cant send him back to jail.. but the moment his bail application is through.. they are giving him permission to leave the hospital.

Now surely all of this has not happened because Raju is such a nice guy and a complete philanthropist and a do gooder of humanity… Nope.. he is out because he had tons of money.. in spite of going bankrupt (the bankruptcy money was public money) and he was a philanthropist to a few… grease the cogs well enough and get the machinery to move whichever way you want.

In one of my posts last year I had mentioned that sooner than later he will be out. Not only that.. now the case will keep dragging on and soon everyone will forget everything about Satyam. Money and Connection.. works every time…

I wont be surprised if 5 years from now, he would be pursued by various political parties. They would want him as their candidate in election… but that’s India for you. All you need is money and you can own anything that you want… because everything and everyone has a price…

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