Who pays for this advertising??

So it is Rajiv Gandhi’s 66th birthday today. And I do believe that he was the man who can surely be called the father of economic liberalization. He became a Prime Minister in very difficult times and thanks to the fossils that still existed in the Congress, he lost power in 1989. But 1991 a more mature and savvy him was all set to come back to power but alas…

Now I have all the respect for the man but.. pray someone tell me who is footing the bill for all the advertisements that have appeared in the newspapers today.. I counted at least 7 in Hindustan Times and same number in Time of India. Ads released by various ministries and departments. Where did they get the money from? How can they spend this money on advertising? Or is it that the newspapers gave special rates or maybe free releases… If the newspapers did that.. then it smacks of kow towing to the party in power and would I believe their news as being unbiased? But if they were paid ads then what right these government departments have to spend the taxpayers money?

Ok so this blog is a big crib but hell.. is it not a criminal waste of money when the same can be utilized in a more constructive manner?

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