Check out the tribute to Indian Army

So I am one of the guys who always wonders about the purpose of these fashion shows. Who are they for? And how many clothes displayed on the ramps actually make it to the store! People might say that ramps are just to show the creativity of the designer… yeah right.

The picture on the left is part of Vijay Arora’s collection which according to Delhi Times or was it HT City, he called it a tribute to the Indian Army!! Eh what was that?? Shorts and some piece of fabric in camouflage kinda print.. and it is a tribute to Indian Army. Seriously the designer needs a break….

2 thoughts on “Check out the tribute to Indian Army

  1. Awful ! Lol not the blog..but the tribute to the army ! A better tribute in future would be to not put up such shows as a tribute for them ! Ive never understood the fashion shows and the clothes that are displayed …who buys them and then who wears them??? Huh ! Lets not demean what the Army is doing by paying tributes to them through fashion Shows…cummon !

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