Writer’s Block

So it is very strange. I am 9 away from touching the 3 figure mark as far as posts on the blog are concerned… and suffering from serious block. Could be all the medicines that I have popped in last one week and which I continue to do so.. have completely numbed my brain. I can see around me at least 10 topics on which I can write but damn… cant get the first word going.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to shortlist 5 out of the 91 I have written so far as my best posts. Of course all those who have read my blog (and statistics tell me there are a fair amount of people who have)… if they would like to tell me which they thought was my best post (I mean I don’t want to sound pompous but surely there must be one post at least that you liked) and I could then have the ranking and re run those posts. Hopefully by then I will be off medication and the brain would be in some sort of working order.

I did think about turning this into a contest (since everything is one today) with the winner getting the opportunity to take me out for dinner at my favorite place but figured that it might create a stampede  :P.. so no contest!

There are a couple of related articles about beating writer’s block. Might be useful. I have not read them because I KNOW what the block is…

One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. I think of all the 97-98 posts…this is your best one. Its short and sweet. doesn’t use any heacvy words. U aint cynical in this. You are not bashing up any advertising campaign. and not complaining about anyone ELSE other than things related to yourself.

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