The Blackberry Boys

Simply superb is what I can say for the communication. Absolutely awesome also comes to mind. The strategy is very clear in terms of what Blackberry is trying to attempt here in terms of broadbasing the appeal of the phone. I do hope they reorient their features too to live up to the communication.

However, the success would depend a lot on they can address a market which has been the domain of Nokias and Samsungs of the world and a market which is increasing shifting to lower price points with high end features packed in. Plus also the fact that to use a Blackberry phone, a subscriber needs to pay for Blackberry services. But I think Blackberry would succeed because the brand is a Badge to be flaunted. There are enough smart phones in the market… I own one too and it is as good as a Blackberry but… a Blackberry is a Blackberry.

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