State of the Nation

There are events that are unfolding which are going to decide where do we go as a country. They are all happening at once and can possibly chart an all new path for our country or they could lead to us becoming a closed and isolated society. It is going to take a strong political will and an absolutely non passionate and non biased stand by the powers that be… if they believe that they truly want a progressive India. Anything otherwise would smack of typical politically motivated steps that ensure that the government lasts the distance and is popular enough to win the next election and get Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister.

1. Jammu & Kashmir – We would be fools if we think that the political parties are interested in a solution. We would be fools to think that the so-called spokespeople for the Kashmiris are actually that. Nobody wants a solution because a solution would mean all these people would have nothing to say or do anymore. J&K has become an issue that is used by Indian and Pakistan for their selfish purposes and the fate of that state is closely linked to relationship between India and Pakistan. So till this is resolved… I don’t think we will see a solution. So we need statesmen with great intellect and foresight to handle this situation. On the evidence so far… this country has none…

Ayodhya – It was politics that made mountain out of a molehill. And whichever way the court verdict goes… the post verdict scenario is going to demonstrate the maturity of our leadership across political parties and religious communities. Though I doubt the verdict is going to be far reaching enough. I have a strong feeling that everything would be buried under hundreds of pages and would just beat around the bush without being conclusive (politics has mastered the art of procrastination and all such verdicts usually are influenced)

Commonwealth Games 2010 – Wont comment on the mess but would wait to see how do we come through all this and how the powers that be take steps.. steps that ensure that politicians and babus are banned from managing sports.

Sensex 20000 – I think there would be many like me who would be worried rather than excited about sensex touching 20000. After all what dramatic events have happened in  our economy for the sensex to climb? I feel a crash coming and I so hope I am wrong because this time.. if the crash does happen, it will not have the excuse of the US subprime crisis… it will be internal.

Next couple of months would decide the fate of our country and where we go. Unfortunately, we the people are busy living our lives… the politicians are busy playing the blame game and oneupmanship. I so wish the people who dictate the destiny of this country forget about the personal and political gains just for a short while and come together and help the country take the right path from the cross roads because a prosperous and peaceful country would benefit everyone.. including them…

After reading this post some might say “so what is your point?” some might says “so whats new?” and some might say “so whats the solution?”

The point is that perhaps all the mentioned issues have been viewed individually by most people and no one probably has figured that they are happening at the same time and either one not handled correctly can lead to the rest of them snowballing into a huge problem. And no I am no expert to provide any solutions… I am a citizen of this country who is seeking solutions from the people who have been elected to rule over us.

4 thoughts on “State of the Nation

  1. This blog and anything related to CWG reminds me of this song that way playing on my music player this morning….

    I’m gonna fight ’em all
    A Seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
    They’re gonna rip it off
    Taking their time right behind my back

    And I’m talking to myself at night
    Because I can’t forget
    Back and forth through my mind
    Behind a cigarette
    And the message coming from my eyes
    Says leave it alone

    Don’t want to hear about it
    Every single one’s got a story to tell
    Everyone knows about it
    From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell

    Another good one samir…. Cheers

  2. If you break all this down and look at it microscopically you will realize that as a common man we are no different from our politicians. We are busy protecting our own turf ensuring that we somehow manage to pass before everyone else in the traffic jam to reach office/home without being bothered about whats happening to the others. We as a race have become so indifferent and most of all towards each other that we just don’t care anymore. The way I see it and I might be a pessimist, we are not coming out of it for long because we don’t want to.

    1. Anuj,

      What you saying is pretty much true. Like I mentioned in the post… we are too busy leading our own lives to be concerned with what happens but all ready to crib and complain when something goes wrong.. and people do get the politicians they deserve…

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