Diesel can surely do better

So this is the ad in this morning’s newspaper. Had trouble explaining what this means to my kids! (Turned the page and told them it is just some rubbish)

Wonder what Diesel is trying to achieve. More important… what was the advertising agency thinking?

It is a very pathetic attempt at creating sensation. As a brand, surely Diesel can do it better. Sure it is a very “in your face brand” but this… it is not even that… it is GROSS! This is not even titillation..

Addressing the youth… are we? I guess Diesel and the agency need to learn lot more about Indian youth.

And The Times of India… all ethics and the values of being the leading newspaper of the country… sold for a few lakhs?

I am not conservative in my outlook but this one… it sucks! (not in the way suggested in the ad)

4 thoughts on “Diesel can surely do better

  1. wow… i wonder what is more gross. The ad , or the idea behind it. I am no prude…. but banana? wonder who thought if it was even remotely erotic. suggestive …yes. but kinky? i vote for strawberries and iice creams. and i thought that new mobile ad with condoms was the worse it cud get

  2. Lots of companies do provocative advertising. But this is really in bad taste. I wont even call it erotic. Seriously, girl licking banana ? That’s pretty lame and has been been used earlier and not with success.

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