Dancing in Delhi

Attended a party in Delhi after almost 5 years and realized nothing much has changed. Sample this:

Starts off with soft music playing while people enter and gather around and indulge in small talk. Waiting for the music to pick up which it does but then the wait is to see who hits the floor first.

The DJ, to gauge the mood, plays some upbeat and current english numbers… a few people move on  to the floor… a majority crowd is still waiting.

Then an enterprising soul goes and whispers something to the DJ and the remix of the latest so called hindi rage blares from the speakers and suddenly you see a whole bunch of people running to the floor… Munni, Sheela or Dhanno.. they get the crowd grooving so to say..

The moves you see on the floor… mostly the guys.. will make Govinda and Mithun think of alternate careers…

The women would be shaking most of the time with their hands up in the air and shaking their heads and thereby their hair left and right…

The DJ would try some english again as a break only for another guy to quickly approach him to put on some punjabi pop and everyone on the floor would have hands up in the air with a specific finger pointing up and one foot in the air (if there was a dog around, he would wonder where is the fire hydrant…)

Dancing in Delhi is psychedelic – keep your hands moving up in the air and then you can jump or shake just a leg or your waist… multi colored strobe lighting would create the impression that you are quite a mover on the floor…

True dancing wont have the space on the floor – hard to salsa or jive when 1. the music is bhangra or the afore mentioned ladies or 2. when you worried about tripping over the raised leg of the person who is doing the bhangra next to you…

But hey.. its all good and a whole lot of fun while you are downing bottle after bottle of corona on the sidelines because 1. you got two left feet 2. not drunk enough 3. cant understand any of the music playing 4. a pseudo who is standing and pretending that he dances only when the music is English.. retro or Paul Oakenfold or Moby etc etc… 5. you just can’t relate to it… But irrespective of all of the above… parties in delhi rock.. the sheer exuberance of the people…

2 thoughts on “Dancing in Delhi

  1. Heh Heh …. Good observation. Na Na Na Sheeila … Sheila Ki Jawani……… Did the pretty much same thing on new year…

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