Quite a few people have asked me why have I not written any post so I decided to write one. And thanks to those who missed my posts and mentioned it.

First up… wonder if snapdeal.com would mention the name of the sucker who paid 50K for a date with Gul Panang! seriously 50K?? On the other hand they might not mention the fact that nobody wanted to pay that kind of money… Gul might become the laughing-stock and go into serious depression that no one wanted a date with her!

Cricket World Cup starts this week and I thought I was the one who was missing the buzz but as read in the newspaper, it is pretty much a general feeling. The only people who are going hyper about it are the various brands who are exhorting team India to win and want consumer also to win. Don’t think consumer is seriously interested in all the shams that are peddled by way of price offs and contests and stuff.

The general viewer is either in a state of ennui when it comes to cricket or 1. has become comfortable with the thought of India winning the World Cup 2. is not setting his expectations high this time (after the fiasco in 2007).

And staying with cricket, I don’t know if I am the one who has noticed the mistake in ESPN-StarSports promotion or others have too. But the promo says that India will be getting into the battle for World Cup glory after 28 years! Sure they are harking about the 1983 World Cup but India has of course played in every Cup since then. It is  not as if that we had not played in the World Cup since 1983.

Scammed India – Ok so enough in the news about the 2G scam and all the skeletons are falling out of the cupboard. Nothing new over there. We all know that irrespective of which political party is in power, they all make money. Arun Shourie would now be a pariah and his political career is finished after claiming what he has on Karan Thapar show.

Truth is that for any business to prosper in this country, one needs a “well oiled” government machinery. Now if it was lubricant that was required, likes of Castrol would have India as their biggest market. But in this case it is the Swiss Banks which are laughing their way into their own vaults. We should just forget about it.  Nothing ever will come out by discussing it.

And life goes on in the country… rapes, murders, police inaction or misguided action, selective judiciary activism… corruption.. inflation etc.

About advertising – can somebody put a ban on Max Bupa and Future Generali advertising for their various policies and shit? The stuff is getting morbid now.

Signing off… can somebody put pressure on all the corporates and brands not to put intense pressure on the guys with this sham called Valentine’s day. It can’t be love if it is measured in the size of the gift or the price of the gift. All the stuff in newspapers, TV and radio about valentine’s day and various offers.. makes me sick and makes me want to throw up. Won’t even want to log on to Facebook to see the kind of messages that would be going back and forth and all the sugary status messages.

Enough of the random grumbling. Hope I have something nice to write about for the next post…

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