The New Snob Symbol

“Have you been tapped?”

“Eh no.. damn I so want to be tapped!” or

“Yesss… been on tap for last two weeks!”

The new kind of conversation at the Page 3 parties and in the corridors of high power.

Tap here referring to phone tapping and not beer on tap or anything else that is available on tap.

Read in the papers couple of days back that more than a lakh phones are tapped every year and it would add up to the creamy layer of the country and could turn out to be the all NEW LIST that the attention seekers would want to be on.

When brands are not differentiating factors… Louis Vuitton can be bought.. Jimmy Choo can be bought too… so can Miele… and the Bentleys and Audis and BMW.. so how do these people flaunt their differentiating status… Get on the tap list of course!

Yours truly can never get on this tap list so come evening would head for some watering hole and the comforting sight of beer on tap

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