I got a peeve against Colgate

So till about six months back, I was a loyal user of Colgate toothpaste. Was using it for years and years and years. And then I switched to Sensodyne because of my sensitive teeth. Had wondered at the time of switch over about the futility of having used Colgate. I mean if Colgate had delivered on all its promises and I was following a proper dental hygiene, I should  not have suffered from sensitive teeth.

Now for past week of so Colgate is advertising its toothpaste for sensitive teeth (obviously as a reaction to Sensodyne). My question is… what have you been selling for all these years if there exists a population which now suffers from sensitive teeth?? And do you really want me (a sufferer of sensitive teeth) to try you as a brand again? After leading me to this state! Nope… I surely wont be using Colgate again. Sensodyne is working for me very well and I am not going to risk switching over.

So get rid of all the claims of the past and new claims and tell the consumer why there was a need for you to launch a toothpaste for sensitive teeth? Is it because of Sensodyne? or is it because Pepsodent and Close up and others have eroded  your franchise and this is your way of getting back at them?

3 thoughts on “I got a peeve against Colgate

  1. Very true – its a wierd world. I guess colgate took their customers for granted all this time and now when someone else shakes their comfort zone, they now have the products’… Its true with a lot of other brands as well, its hard to get a customer, much harder to keep him/her, for all of us has options.

    Sadly its not true with our choice of politicians…

    1. @Vinod… the thing is that we all have choices but we don’t want to exercise them till something forces us to. Till then we live our lives in the Matrix

  2. you got sensitive teeth cos u been grating them too often on bad insensitive advertising. lay off!

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