Mumbai Blasts – Wag the Dog

First up, my condolences to the families of all those who were murdered last night in Mumbai.

Next a one line synopsis from IMDb of the movie Wag the Dog – “Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to “fabricate” a war in order to cover-up a presidential sex scandal.”

Bombs have exploded and people have died and as already evident we already know that it was the Indian Mujahdeen who is supposedly responsible for this series of blasts. Yes there was an alert that was sounded about possible attacks and stuff but the cynic in me doesn’t believe these stories.

Here is a government completely caught up in corruption scandals. The functioning has come to a complete stop. No policy decisions are being taken. The image of the ruling alliance is taking a beating. We as people are just going on with our lives. or in some cases rallying around the Anna Hazares and Baba Ramdevs… hoping they would provide some salvation…

So how does one deflect attention of the people from all of this. Pull out the age-old trick – National security under threat. Explode a few bombs to heighten the impact. some lives sacrificed as collateral damage but hey suddenly the focus shifts from all the evils of this government… All the spokesperson of this party start talking about how the nation has to rally as one and protect itself against the turmoil created by these insidious divisive forces. And if this is not working.. get some more bombs to explode…

Kasab is still alive and we are spending lot of money to keep him safe… so are the other terrorists involved in various other incidents… Why?? Why is it that special task force teams are formed after each such attack and nothing ever comes out of it.

I think for every ruling party, keeping this bug bear alive by feeding it once in a while is a good thing. Pull it out, dust it and juice it for a while and we the people.. living in a Matrix would forget about everything else that is wrong with our country…

The strange thing is that life will move on… there will be more blasts… more investigations… more “terrorists” leading a cozy life at the tax payers expense. This wont end because it is not meant to. Every political party is the same.. so are those who say they will root out the evil… No one is really bothered about the country because we are not bothered… everyone will just continue to lead their own selfish lives.

Those who have not watched the movie… I recommend you do… it is an eye opener.. that is the tactic Bush used when he attacked Iraq… and what happens in this country all the time…

2 thoughts on “Mumbai Blasts – Wag the Dog

  1. Samir, I wonder if this would ever change, we all being selfish and leading our own lives..I mean honestly asking myself, am not sure if I would take to the roads, raising my voice, leaving my life and responsibilities..and it hurts personally when I see something like this, I guess I understand the value of people who fought for our country during the british raj.

    Every time something like this happens (bomb blast) it’s always the common man who suffers, I have never seen a influential politician suffering. Just recently with the whole telangana issue recently I witnessed one of the politicians house been guarded like a fortress by a battalion of armed forces just for the reason that he was asked to resign. What about common people? Why isn’t common people guarded? After all it’s our tax money that pays for everything..

    1. I don’t know what is the word that describes our state of inactivity and lack of active response to things around us… Is it that we have become programmed over a period of time… or have we numbed and dumbed ourselves…

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