Business of terror

So it is the 10th year since 9/11 and supposedly the world has changed since then. The US has ensured that no terror attack has happened since then on American soil. After the blasts in UK, they have also tightened up things.

But out here in India… it is business as usual… blasts happen… people die… government mouths platitudes… announces compensation for the victims (wonder if the full amount or any amount actually reaches them)… talks about foreign hand.. and setting up of a committee… and the measures that are being taken to counter terrorism.. and life goes on…

And of course there is money to be made in the process of countering terrorism (the cynic in me comes to the fore again).

The corporates in US made money (specially the ones who manufactured weapons) when post 9/11 US decided to attack Afghanistan and then Iraq… Setting up Homeland Security also required building of infrastructure..

Out here in India, we make money and opportunities to make money and many other things after every so-called terrorist attack. We all know the controversy about the bullet proof vests.

Setting up committees and task forces has its advantages… it pays to be on these and curry favors and give favors… The other day I was looking at the visuals of the so called experts in NIA on tv… didn’t give me much confidence that they would be able to solve the High Court blast.. or for that matter any blast…

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts… the politicians don’t want the terrorism to go away… just like they don’t really want the poverty to go away… it is all about vote banks and hanging on to power for as long as possible.

Can any one remember any kind of concrete step that this government has taken to counter terrorism? nope.. none.. if there had been any step like that.. we would not have had such frequent blasts… But ask the people who are in the business of supplying various equipment.. and they know it all.. because they have made money… tons of it by either supplying nothing at all or by supplying cheap unsafe stuff…

Anyways my sympathy for the people whose relatives and friends became the collateral damage in the so-called terror attack of 9/11… Stay safe…

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