No getting away

So there is this Docomo campaign on air currently. Various complicated situations and the phone rings. Supposedly funny but seriously… are they trying to lose their customer base? or not get new users?

I sure as hell will want to get away from damn connection… specially in some of the situations depicted in the campaign 🙂 and will curse the bloody connection.

We all can think of innumerable situations when we have wished the call had not come through. I really wonder who actually approved this campaign at Docomo.

Sure the brief from Docomo was that they want to highlight their excellent coverage (even in areas where other networks do not connect) and yes since Hutch had done the follow campaign, they obviously could not do that. And then the communication had to carry forward the at times tongue in cheek style of brand communication. What does the agency come up with? This campaign!

I am sure the client loved it since while presenting the campaign words like exaggeration and suspended sense of disbelief (or is it belief) were used. And how well the creative thought makes so much sense and would be clutter breaking (hell! in the pre research.. it would have come across as clutter breaking too)

But is this really the point the brand wants to make? As it is the ringing of the cell phones all around is becoming an irritant (by the way… I always keep my phone on silent mode even though I have a kickass ring tone) and then have this series of commercials driving home the point of the high irritability quotient…

So unless I get a million dollars or there is absolutely no option available… I will never even consider Docomo (which I did at one point of time when it was the first brand to launch 3G.. unfortunately a national campaign for their 3G services and they did not have a license for Gurgaon… waste of advertising money)…

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