Cobwebs of the mind

Do we really ever clean them?

There are racks and cupboards in our mind where we store our experiences, learnings and everything else that we come across – images, stories, music…

Over  time old memories get pushed back… pushed deeper into various crevices of the mind… finding spaces and they get old, dusty and cobwebs start forming around them.

Unfortunately, we don’t do spring cleaning of the shelves and slowly but surely, the shelves start creaking under all the load as we keep piling on our experiences and then they snap and everything collapses (the point of breakdown)

Just as in life we can’t let go of things (don’t believe me? walk up to your store-room or open up your cupboard or get into your attic and you will know what I mean), same way we can’t let go of memories and experiences. In your store you will find stuff that is beyond repair, stuff that you have not used for years and forgotten about it. Now it can’t even be used… but it is there and you won’t want to discard it. Same way, painful memories… memories that do not take you to happy places.. you keep storing them (excuse being “I will learn from them”) and we keep so many of them stored that the shelves of our mind do not have space for the happy stuff and we let the shelf collapse…

If only we would do a regular spring cleaning… create more space for happy memories, we would have opportunities to build more of them… else the mind will reject.. put up a signboard – NO SPACE.

Time for spring cleaning? Time to get those cobwebs removed?

PS – This is a weird post and I don’t even know the thought process that lead to this. Possible that I can hear the shelf creaking under the weight and something tells me that I need a broom in my hand and get started.. or maybe not… maybe it is what this post is getting categorized under – Random thoughts

One thought on “Cobwebs of the mind

  1. You know what Samir – you are absolutely right and no its not entirely a random thought. Its just that we don’t discuss such stuff more often, i mean for the fact that nobody wants to – guess that’s human psychology.

    Most of it, i guess is fear that would people would not understand if I were to share such stuff (the first thing my friends might ask me is – is everything alright? are you going through a phase?)

    Guess its essential to clean those cobwebs from time to time.

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