The Times of India sucks



So this was the big bold headline in The Times of India today (check the picture). About Invisible India. I didn’t bother reading the article. It would obviously would be about the Social Impact Awards that Times had been going to town with for past few days. But the reason I clicked the picture… Invisible India was still Invisible. Not one picture right under the headline had the Invisible India taking centrestage! (and I checked… it is supposed to be centre stage) Politicians and personalities… that’s about it. One had to probably read the article and go to the inside pages to find out more about this Invisible India. Wonder what was the point of the headline when all one gets to see is a Prime Minister who is an absolute failure.

But coming back to The Times of India and why it sucks. It has become a dumb newspaper. I have been reading this newspaper since the time I started reading newspaper and seen it go downhill. It has become a tabloid. Specially the trashy supplement called Delhi Times – Pictures and articles at times feel straight out of News of The World or whatever tabloids that exist in the west.

Sex and scandal sells.. so believes this newspaper. The language and the editorial has become banal.

Back when I started reading and later on to, I enjoyed reading The Times of India. The language used to be impeccable. It had made me fall in love with the english language. I may not still be articulate enough still but it was this newspaper that helped me improve my language skills (apart from all the books I have read – not the self-help kinds but pure unadulterated fiction).

The unfortunate part though is that… all newspapers have become like this. Probably catering to the shortening attention span of the readers which is increasingly becoming twitterized and to increase circulation they have to resort to meaningless stuff (and show statistics to the advertisers).

I actually keep my kids away from reading The Times. Don’t want to spoil their English. So Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, P G Wodehouse for them… along with all the other books they want to read.

Let them choose what they want to read later.. if they at all will read printed stuff a few years from now…






2 thoughts on “The Times of India sucks

  1. Great article and it really mirrors my thoughts, listing a few of my frustrations here:
    1) I have stopped going to Indiatimes totally, because it indeed is useless for people like us, who want real news, and I’m not saying I’m not in love with bollywood head over heels either, but “Sherlyn Chopras nude act in a film” sounds so disgusting as a headline. I only go to times of india (dot) com for major headlines and a small dose of bollywood on the side (literally).
    2) Those ads – I’m not a fan of writing OMG, but OMG!!! The ads are SO frustrating, why can’t they have a cleaner, more efficient website like CNN, or even NDTV for that matter. Everytime you enter, there is a huge dabang style ad for xoom (dot) com these days and its SO annoying, same goes with all articles which have tagged words. Even if you scroll over one by mistake, the ad hovers over the entire paragraph and you just want to kill someone at that time when you’re so engrossed in the news and want to know what happens next.
    Conclusion: Never ever go to indiatimes like we used to, it resides in suckville now, and your only hope from the Times group is timesofindia (dot) com, which is marred by bad web design and a plethora of useless ads and links to other useless websites. Try NDTV instead, I’m a fan of NDTV website, of course i visit TOI almost everyday, but just to look over the headlines to see if they covered something that NDTV didn’t. Hoe my two cents help curb your frustration a little, we are all in the same boat

  2. The XOOM ad fills the entire main headline. Soooo IRRITATING and sometimes very hard to get rid of. Hope someone from reads this and fixes their site 😦 It is so childish advertising like a 2 year old.

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