Idiotic Contraceptive Promotion

It is extremely stupid and downright hilarious. The latest deal on

Durex FlavorGreen Apple

Product Code: 950427

Durex FlavorGreen Apple Contents: Durex Flavors 10s pack X 2 with Green Apple 10s pack X 2

Offer Details: Free Pregnancy test Card worth MRP Rs.50/-

Price: ` 400

I knew some day condoms would be available to buy online but this promo seriously takes the cake!

I mean seriously!! a pregnancy test card with condoms?? says a lot about instilling confidence in the mind of the consumer about how safe the product really is! Wonder how Durex agreed to this promotion…


2 thoughts on “Idiotic Contraceptive Promotion

  1. I doubt it the deal is Durex approved, probably a moronic idea by Naaptol, whose owner i am sure hasn’t got laid yet

    since we are on the topic of condoms, will someone please tell me why condoms come in flavours. Its NOT FUN to give or get a BJ with it on. and who wants to smell like fruit loops in the midst of a passionate encounter???

    Someone please enlighten me!!

    1. 😛 wonder what was the guy thinking.. who thought of this promo.. and about flavors.. discussion on that might make my blog R-rated!

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