Value for Money Property Deals!


1. Geetanjali Enclave – 340 sq. yards for INR 6.5 crores

2. Safdarjung Development Area – 500 sq. yards for INR 11 crores

3. Panchsheel Enclave – 565 sq. yards for INR 9.5 crores

Nope.. I have not become a property dealer. Read these properties listed under “Value for Money designer floors” and it completely boggled my mind! If such properties are being advertised, obviously there are people who are willing to buy these properties! And mind you, these surely would not be clean deals. In fact, in same classifieds I have also read people quote a price and then saying “maximum white” – meaning that there definitely would be some amount of black money involved.

Where is all this money coming from? How much tax do these people pay? What kind of business gives such kind of money? Can I get a foot in the door of such business? I don’t want so much money to afford these mansions… but something which will mean I can buy whats “value for money” for me…

And no no.. this is no envy or poor man whining and griping… my mind is still boggled by the figures


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