A day for all days

So heard on the radio the other day… “This raksha bandhan, gift your sister a flat.. discounts up to 1.5L” and in the newspapers there were special raksha bandhan menus at different restaurants and pubs. And since the “friendship day” followed soon enough, there were menus for partying with your best friend or friends… The thing is, there is nothing special about these menus, some of the dishes from their regular menu are packaged and priced And nope, there was no ad from a property dealer to gift a flat to a friend (damn! could have become best friend with somebody if he would have gifted me a flat). Not to forget the “friendship bands” (economies of scale this year since raksha bandhan was four days before friendship day so left over rakhis could be recycled as bands for friends)

Now the communication is full of Independence day offers. All about freedom and stuff.. a few from real estate and soon to follow will be hypermarkets and not to forget the restaurants. Then there will be Id and we will soon be moving into more such days to reach the day which starts the “day fever”… no it’s not new year (remember it’s the eve)… but Valentine’s day! where you don’t love your partner if you don’t buy her a diamond, a tv, a microwave, a car, a….. Just like all the stuff you are supposed to buy to show you care for mother, father or daughter on their respective days (apart from their birthdays).

There is always some day or the other to make people buy to either prove something or celebrate (republic day, independence day… each day of the diwali festival, durga puja, onam, pongal, durga puja…) seriously!!

The one day that the commercial establishments have not be able to crack really is 2nd October. But am sure… 100 years from now when that generation cannot connect with Mahatma Gandhi as a person and he has been turned into God, there will be a day to buy something. But hang on… Khadi Gramudyog does that! buy khadi!

I think in the future, the extra day of leap year should be devoted to celebrate a day for all these days and collectively appeal to the public to buy everything for everybody… Imagine… Offer valid for only one day! come one, come all and buy for all!

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