US Fixation – Get over it.. will you!

Wonder if this will put me on some kind of watchlist.

Yesterday at work, I saw a few people engrossed in listening to some speech Obama gave day before. The ones who were watching were 20 something and with probably no interest in politics – global or local.

Newspapers raving about speech by Michelle Obama and how it addressed the middle class population in US. So how does it concern us?

Newspapers talking about Kal Penn (He of the Indian origins and famous for Harold & Kumar series of crappy movies) endorsing the Democratic campaign and going up against Clint Eastwood (haha! the only place he can probably go up against an icon)

Not to miss the Congress and the political machinery over here getting their “you know what” in a bunch over some Washington Post article about Indian Prime Minister.

We got to realize that the Sun doesn’t shine out of US’s big fat ***. Just as the Sun set on the British Empire, it will or probably already is setting on US and the sooner we realize it, the better we can get on with our lives.

US elections are not about politics or issues (this time they actually do not have an issue real or created – Obama probably needs to hire “Wag the Dog” kind of team). They are about drama, about spectacular, about oratory and speeches written by experts who analyze every single word that would be said on stage and generate viewership, twits (oops sorry tweets) and whatever that happens on Facebook. Those who haven’t, watch “The Ides of March”.

Oh and in no way this post is about what Washington Post said about our Prime Minister – I say that it probably was very watered down. Man on the street in our country probably has very colorful things to say about him.

This post is about our fixation with all things US (I have too – The Big Bang Theory,  The Modern Family…  and using z instead of s or dropping vowels) and how we need to stop looking at US as the holy grail.. The kids who were watching Obama speak… wonder why  they were watching his speech when I bet they wont have same kind of interest come 2014.. Curious…

And am done with my ranting!

PS – And yes, by putting  relevant links and tags, I am shamelessly getting traffic to my blog!

2 thoughts on “US Fixation – Get over it.. will you!

  1. Hi, good luck with your social media strategy. As a visitor to USA I am delighted with the people and what seems to be an economy begining to recover. Love them or hate them, the Amercans have resilience.

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