We need a Hero

Hero is used just as a matter of convenience. No gender bias.

We seem to have regressed into dark ages. Actually we have always been like this but the media attention to current events is bringing all the muck up.

It’s time women hit back where it hurts.. really hurts and not just in urban India but also the Bharat that Mohan Bhagwat had mentioned.

The views that I have heard of late, no wonder we are what we are.

I always used to think that there is must be a bottom that the politicians will touch but they surprise me everyday.

People want stricter laws for all the rapist who are caught. Ever thought of the consequence? Given the mentality, the perverts will wipe out all traces of such acts.

The country just seems to be moving from one controversy to another. From one sordid act to the next…

Few years back, economy was booming and lot of the stuff was getting shoved under the carpet and no one really bothered. India was shining and so were the people. The shine is gone.

In this new year, things don’t look good.. do they? or they don’t look good to me perhaps.

We need a saviour. A Rama or a Krishna ( and no the Hindutva activists should not get excited. I don’t mean we need a God like figure). We need a Hero. Someone who will take things by the scruff of their necks and pull them out of the mire we seem to have dug ourselves in.

A bright light… a beacon.. a whole lot of optimism. Else there is no hope for this country. Come to think of it.. the World…

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