So there was an ad in the paper today about some hair weaving shit – Headline says “You only live once. No Hair No Life”! Seriously? Are the guys so insecure? Am bald but have never felt that I didn’t have a life. And no… this is not post hair loss rationalization. Long back when I started losing hair, one of my relatives said that I should part my hair in a certain way to hide the bald patch. And I told her its rubbish. Had read something in an interior design book and I followed it – what you can’t hide, highlight it! So instead of hiding or trying various remedies… I highlighted my baldness by have a close cut!

Then there is this commercial on air for Karbon mobiles – about increasing the social quotient by constantly being on Facebook and twitter and other social networking sites. And teacher going on and on about how the boy’s social quotient is very high but not IQ. Ranks up there with the Celkon ad about how to hook a girl.

Staying with the who student bit. Caught a little bit of the Karan Johar movie ‘Student of the Year‘. Now I know Karan Johar’s movies are anything but real life but this movie borders on ludicrous! None of the characters look like school students. Is that a college or a school in the movie. And here comes the most stupid thing. There is a trophy for Student of the Year (hence the title) and the competition for the trophy has nothing to do with studies!! dancing, treasure hunt and some such stuff. But like they say, movies are a reflection of the culture. So they show the characters drinking and tequila shots. Reminds me of reading almost every year as to how police raided pubs and caught school students having a party and drinking.

Over the weekend I also finished reading the new Harry Bosch book. Was completely glue to it. I think there is a bit of Harry in me when it comes to professional life. Wont get into it. But as always, reading any Michael Connelly book about Harry Bosch leaves one with an empty feeling once it’s over. From Black Ice to Black Box.. I have followed Harry’s life and I don’t think there is a character that has ever been created who can come close to Harry and be so real.. except perhaps Inspector Banks but Banks can never be Harry. And I know someday am gonna miss Harry. I am sure lot of readers for my blog would be aware of Harry Bosch coz of the posts that I have written about him or something that he says or believes in. By the way.. if there are any readers of these books… here is an interesting question. If any of the books were to be made into a movie.. who do  you think will be most apt as Harry Bosch?!

On a lighter note.. wonder what the Chief Minister of West Bengal will have to say about why that state got only 935 crores investment in 2012 vs 50 times that for Gujarat. She can’t even blame the central government this time since Gujarat doesn’t have Congress as the ruling party or the communists either.

I guess enough rambling for Monday Morning…


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