How many ways can you make money?

There are only two ways.

First one.. You never make enough. Always subsistence level or perpetually broke

Second way.. You MAKE money.. Lot of it but then you are broke morally.

The first one will build your personal brand equity whose pay off may or may not happen. Second one will build your bank balance.

First one will help you sleep well at night. Sure you will have the usual worries. Second one will just give you a false sense of good sleep.

Which one will you choose?

Most often we choose the easiest option. After all its one life and it needs to be maxed so principles be damned.. The only ROI that matters is the financial one. Leads to moral bankruptcy that the country is going through currently.

But then who cares. There is money to be made and I must have my share. Am not in this world to think about others.

Strange world and strange choices we make. Without realising that it starts with money and then pretty much governs our behavior in everything that we do..

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