Navratras are here! Rejoice


All ye believers… Rejoice… Navratras are here! Nine days that will cleanse your body and soul of all the evil deeds you committed for the other 356 days! Actually 347 because there will be another chance by the God for nine days later in the year!

Nine days of abstinence from eating non veg or even indulging in any kind of physical intimacy ( so I been told). And once the nine days are over… You can get back to committing whatever sin you want. After all you just emptied the pot of sin and guilt in these nine days!

Oh and while you are fasting, why not fast in style! Let the whole world know you are fasting or abstaining from non veg. All top notch restaurants and hotels have laid out a veritable vegetarian feast for you. So step out this evening and be seen partaking the feast!

Don’t forget to Facebook or tweet about what you do during these nine days. After all some of the stuff you indulge in on other days can’t be printed or put up in public domain…Unless you love being an exhibitionist

On a serious note… When will we ever get over the hypocrisy?? When will we stop this charade that we put up in the name of religion? When will commercial establishments stop exploiting the way they do… Every occasion…

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