CSK Vs. MI at IPL 2013

The match was a big farce isn’t it? Specially the Chennai SuperKings performance before the Mumbai Indian’s Match and post that in the match yesterday against Sunrisers… Makes one wonder if there was something wrong with that match… Here is a fictional account of what must have happened before the match. PLEASE NOTE – I SAID FICTIONAL. Disclaimer is very important given the two characters mentioned in the account.

On the eve of the match Mr S’ phone rings… Its Mrs A at the other end of the call

Mrs A – Big match tomorrow

Mr S – Really? I think my team is pretty much qualified so not such a big match for us.

Mrs A – You know what I meant… it is for us. These people from Hyderabad and Jaipur just don’t understand! Their teams were fine in the initial IPL period to build the hype by letting the underdogs win.. But is over.. its time for the big spenders who can create value for IPL brand to be winners all the time. Look at Soccer! Few teams are known around the world whereas so many teams play in EPL and Spanish League…

Mr S – Is there a point to this Mrs A?

Mrs A – Ummm actually there is.. You have helped us a lot in the past.. you know letting five foreign players play because God was injured…

Mr S – Yeah also like last year… when even though we had decided as a rule that only three teams from India will play in Champion’s League, we let your team get in..

Mrs A – Yes that too.. was hoping that we you could do us a favor. We know Royals are playing at home tomorrow and sure to win and with your team in such good form.. I doubt if my boys can match up and I am seriously worried. M thinks he is not getting as good a return on investment as he gets from other businesses.

Mr S – Let me get this straight.. you are saying we tank the match?

Mrs A – ummm yes.. can you?

Mr S – Sure.. one match wont make a difference but I want a promise from you and M.. you will not go after my guys at the next year’s auction. It makes things really difficult.

Mrs A – Ok we wont.. Can you also ask your boys to help us with our NRR? Should help to keep at least one of the upstarts out of the qualifiers..

Mr S – Sure.. done

And we all saw the match… We all saw how Ashwin didnt bowl his full quota… We all saw how desperately Hussey was trying to get out… and CSK were batting like complete novices  and we all saw how professional they were yesterday.

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