Brazen Nation

Brazen – Bold and without shame or Marked by flagrant and insolent audacity

We don’t give a damn… we really don’t. Come to think of it.. we never did.

For a country, with temples around every corner, thousands of deities and a God for every day of the week… fasting, rituals, prayers and everything religious… it’s a big sham we put up every day. And if there is a God, then obviously there is a Devil and as a race, we sold our soul to the Devil long  ago. Tolerant as a word exists only in the dictionary… not in our minds…

We are a nation of hypocrites… or more like the werewolves.. Just that we don’t need a full moon… anything that catches our fancy.. we turn…

Else how does one explain:

Minors getting raped… women getting raped… nation getting raped.

the rage we see.. the shootout we see or hear about… the way we treat another person..

We never cared for anyone except ourselves…

Religion is nothing but a crutch or a stick to be used at our convenience. So is tolerance or being human…

Do we truly believe in good for a larger cause? Nope we don’t. The only good that we care for.. our own good

Our moral compass has gone awry. All we seek is power, money and few mins of fame…

Sample this:

The politicians don’t want to quit. Excuses galore about how they are oh so innocent

Srinivasan doesn’t want to quit… even when he has taken the cricketing world for a ride.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (who I admire as a cricketer) has nothing to say about all the controversy surrounding his connection with Srinivasan or all that has been in the newspapers for last few days.

And now the political parties are worried about the coming under RTI… if they are clean (as they claim) they should be the first one to welcome it.. but nope.. mouthing platitudes and corrupt to the core politicians questioning the act…

Do we care? Hell no! even I don’t care. How can I, when I can’t vote or make a difference in any way. I can’t get Voter Id… I can’t get Aadhar Card.. Can’t get any document that can prove am a citizen of this country. Why? Because the kind of documents that are required, a person living on rent can’t give!

But hell… there are people who pay and get things done. Banks talk about strict KYC norms… hmm wonder how the fraudsters get away… I think the only KYC that works.. is the money…

But life goes on and it will continue to do so… and let me tell you… things are no different in other countries either… Like I said.. we have sold our soul to the Devil…

Money talks and &*%* walks…

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