ARK – Act of Random Kindness

This is as random as it gets! the post.

So done any act of random kindness lately? An act without asking for anything in return or with an intention to tell the world..

And no… it is also not responding to appeals from various forums that are formed when disasters strike…

It is about something that you do without even thinking… something where the head is not involved but heart is…

I don’t think we do that. The world we live in, such acts are probably frowned upon. I know I haven’t done something like this for a long time…

“Pay It Forward” is just a great movie… Has it led anyone to actually do something?

Let me know if it has. Or better still… let me know if you done an act of random kindness. The more people put up comments here with the acts, the more I will feel there is still hope for this world to get better…

PS – I have put a link of Sanjay Upadhyay’s blog. Guess we both watched the same movie! Crappy movie but it is in the ending when Morgan Freeman draws the meaning of ARK in the sand that sparked a thought. He even titled the post same as I did. Cheers Sanjay!

2 thoughts on “ARK – Act of Random Kindness

  1. The same ARK thing was there in Evan Almighty… The sequel to Bruce Almighty.
    Does feeding food to stray dogs on the road count?
    This post reminded me of this recent video i came across on facebook…

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