Bankrupt nation

No end to the free fall of the Rupee or the rise of gold prices – not to forget what it means for the economy which is already staring down the abyss. To think that a world-renowned economist is at the helm of affairs.

The economic indicators suggest that it is a very “India” problem. There is no turmoil in the world financial market that it has a cascading impact on us.

And to top it all, in the election year this government is doing all it can to make sure that the new government which comes to power will be screwed.

Actually forget the government part of it… we as a country will be in a black hole and it will take us forever to get out of it.

Imagine.. Food Security Bill. In a country where there are probably more ration cards than the number of people… it is security for whom. Who will really benefit from such schemes?? Lemme guess.. the govt babus, politicians, and everyone who really doesn’t need security. More importantly, where will the money come from??

And lets not even talk about the land reforms because we all know who will benefit from them.

As a country we are not just bankrupt in terms of economy but also the morally and I don’t even have to mention why!

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