Ahead of times?


The link given above for an article in the New York Times has led me to believe that I have perhaps been ahead of my times in understanding what the trend will be in the future. And as Seth Godin, I think, had once said about being ahead of times… whats the point of being ahead of times if you can’t make it work for you or if you can’t convince people about the future trend.

So why do I think I am ahead of times?

On August 7, 2009 I wrote a post  titled “Privacy would soon be a new Luxury”.

On November 7, 2009 I wrote a post “The window needs to be shut” which was about the kind of data mining the companies do and how it will take away our privacy.

On November 18, 2010 there was another post “Convergence & Privacy”

This should say it all.

It’s all been happening around us for so long and while one person sitting in one corner of the world was predicting it back then, nobody took notice but am sure people will notice and talk about the article in NYT.

So yeah am done with my whining.


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