One Signature

I have not written a post in a very long time. There have been occasions when I felt like but I guess the drive wasn’t there.

Also, all along all my posts have been about what’s happening around me… My view and my opinion… Never personal. But this post is extremely personal.

Its about a stroke of pen that leads to a signature.

Right from when we are small, we are always excited about writing our signature… I have known of kids who keep experimenting and practicing. Of course over a period of time, the kiddish crawl turns into a more mature signature.

We sign for school records, college admissions, job applications, bank accounts, bank loan for that first car… First house.. We grow up and sign on offer letters, promotions and sometimes on letters for letting people go.

But most occasions, that signing leads to happy times, something good.. Or something that will lead to a great future.

But 2nd July I signed. It was a signature which carried so much of weight and emotion.. My hand trembled.. There was something inside me that was holding back my hand… Some hope somewhere that if I don’t sign, things will be alright but the head knew that what I am going to do.. It will be a release for someone.. A release from a painful agony perhaps.. A release from life being spent as a vegetable. I know there were people who were wondering as to how can I be doing such a cruel act but I also know that they didn’t know that I was doing it for my mother. She had lived an active life. She had been strong through whatever troubles that had come her way and the troubles had been plenty… She went away that day… And it was that one stroke of pen… May she rest in peace…

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