Humanity so vile

Not just events over the last couple of weeks but over a long period of time have been pointing to the fact that the so called most evolved of the species has never evolved.

Whether it is Sheena Bora case that has got media (and all those who were even remotely associated) orgasmic or the rape, road rage, murders, killings in the name of religion…they all are manifestations of the animal in all of us.

How are we evolved? Just because we have education and create these fancy tech gadgets and lead a lifestyle that is supposedly pegged at self actualisation on Maslow’s hierarchy doesn’t mean evolution. It just means there are more tools in our hands to continue with our primal nature. Our DNA is still of an animal and centuries away from the neanderthal man, we still retain that code.

Let’s face it. We are not human. Not one bit. We all live in a fool’s paradise and critique people who indulge in killings, murders, rape and pillage. Given an opportunity (and I will call it an opportunity because the animal within us is always looking for one), we react in the most violent way.

And this is not just about India. It is about Middle East. It is about Africa. It is about Europe and it is also about the the ‘holier than thou’ USA.

What makes a person take another person’s life? Psychologists have still not decoded this.

“Why men are willing to put their own lives in jeopardy to extinguish those of others has been puzzled over since Cain slew Abel. The theme of murder is used dozens of times each week by television script writers. It has inspired stacks of heavy tomes. Legal philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists have theorized endlessly. But the cause of murder still remains a considerable mystery. Students of murder can spot only the ostensible reasons for it – greed, jealousy, fear, revenge, or a sudden insane anger that seizes a person and, a moment later, blots out all memory of his deed.” –

Till the time we keep deluding ourselves that we are different from animals, we will never be able to understand why we behave the way we do. Till that strand of DNA which leads to violence (provoked or unprovoked) is not identified and sliced out from all future generations, this will continue and no mater how much we supposed to be evolved, we will still be the species which wants to KILL. for whats its worth.

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